Understanding Addiction

              1 day training session:  24th January 2022                                                          Facilitator: Lesley Wilson



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What has been the professionally/clinically useful for you within the Training?

The Peer mentors all coming together and engaging well. Team bonding and learning.

Insight into 12 step programme.

Discussions around meaning of addiction.

All of it.

Learned different technique’s on how to facilitate groups

As someone who is new to group facilitating and peer mentoring it has given me so many areas to consider and hopefully use at my next meeting with members.


What has been personally useful for you within the training?


The reflective practice

Ideas for/to enable facilitation.

I really enjoyed the core beliefs exercise.

Play is a useful tool


One sentence you would like to say to your facilitator.

Thank you again, another amazing day.

Thank you for your insight.

Strong and competent

Lesley is amazing, I love taking part in training with her.

Thank you for your insight


One sentence you might like to say to the next group of students.

Enjoy your day, take care of yourself, and always speak up if you have questions they will be very well received.

Bring your challenges and enjoy the consultation.

Brilliant and supportive.

It is very insightful.

Well worth the time and effort

                    Inside the Cyclical Model                                    A Supervision Training day with  Steve Page

               Hosted by Steve Page Saturday 5th June. 

         Click here to read the feedback and comments from the participants that attended this workshop with Steve Page.

                                       Or go to the 'Our Services' page of the website and click on the side heading 'Feedback'


Inside the Cyclical Model
Workshop hosted by Steve Page
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                                      Please click on the PDF for information about this workshop..


FEEDBACK from the Weekend of Dreams workshops

Click here to read the comments from the evaluation forms from the 2018  Weekend of Dreams workshops. Or go to our 'Our Services page and click on Feedback on the side menu.

           Robbin Shohet Training                                  Supervision - Finite and Infinte 

               Tuesday 2nd July 2019                                           Shekinah Centre, Newchurch in Pendle

Finite and infinite supervision
The title is taken from book called 'Finite and Infinite Games' (Carse J).  The purpose of an finite game is to have an outcome and once that is achieved the game stops. Right and wrong are finite games and the law is based on this.  The purpose of an infinite game on the other hand is to play for the love of it and the aim is to keep the game going. So improvisation in jazz or drama would be examples of infinite games as would children’s play.
To return to a theme of fear and love which I have been teaching for many years , fear is involved in a finite game. The fear of losing something, whether it is the game, a client or a lawsuit.  Love knows itself as infinite and can see life unfolding as it is.  Our life is becoming one which is increasingly transactional and when the other does not fulfil our expectations, we get upset. We calculate to get an outcome and protect ourselves from failing and blame. We are hypnotised into a finite way of being and looking at the world.
Please contact Joan at accordcolne@gmail.com to reserve a place.
Cost is £125 including lunch and refeshments.

Due to popular demand and the amazing feedback from Robin's previous training sessions in 2017 and 2018, we have secured another training day with Robin this summer . '                                            

To veiw the feedback from Robin's training click here or see 'Our Services' page


                                             The Shekinah Centre, Newchurch in Pendle.

        Cost £175 for 2 days, including overnight accommodation, (limited places.)

                                       Cost without accommodation £150

Understanding Addiction and Recovery
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      Images from the Shekinah Centre

Creative Listening Skills for School Staff



This is a bespoke ten day course that recognises the individual needs of each school, and the needs that emerge as the course progresses. 


The course dovetails with the Government's recent blue paper on Counselling in Schools which focuses on improving the well-being and resilience of children and school staff.


Request an information leaflet today, or contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss how this highly regarded programme may be of interest to your school staff.

Creative Listening Skills for School Staff
Course Information Leaflet
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Stay informed

Understanding Containment & Emotional Regulation. Training for School Staff


See 'Our Services' page for the feedback on these recent training days at the Shekinah Centre in Newchurch in Pendle.

If you are interested in any of the above or have a training request, please do not hestiate to contact us either by email or telephone.

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