Spa for the Soul 2016 - Feedback

The 'Spa for the Soul' weekend was a great success. It was held at The Skekinah Centre, Newchurch in Pendle. It is a peacful, secluded oasis, which has  spectacular views of the pendle countryside. The accommodation is inviting and comfortable, it was the perfect place to host this weekend of reflection, discussion, learning and fun.


Some comments from those who participated can be seen below, and thanks again to everyone who took part in the 'Spa for the Soul' weekend and engaged so fully, it was an amazing experience, one we will certainly be repeating in 2017.


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"I liked the variety of excercises, the mix between working in groups and pairs etc and the fact that we weren't sat down all the time. The shouting excercise was good for me, as it reminded me how much I like to dominate and how easy I am to hide behind, it was good for me to be quieter at times as it enabled me to absorb and experience more."

"I really enjoyed the chanting meditations (new to me). I also liked the different ways to express emotions, on your own and with others, through hands etc. Loved the play dough, really immersed myself in that. The body movement to the native indian music was probably most beneficial to me. once I got lost in the music it was very freeing and something I intend to continue to do at home. The accommodation was fantastic as was the food, all home cooked. The training room was a good size for the group, it felt intimate but had space to move around.  For me the whole weekend was about meeting new people, being open to whatever and to recharge my batteries. I loved the whole experience, it was sooo good to have a weekend that was about personal devlopment. "


"The weekend, for me, was my opportunity to allow things that are important to me to come in to focus and things that are no longer important to fade into the background. I wanted it to be an oasis of calm to allow myself breathing space and it gave me that and more. The community that formed with all our differing expectations and desires was sublimely facilitated by Lesley, who responded to each undercurrent with gentle steadying and encouragement. I felt released but grounded after the weekend. The skill and experience of Lesley enabled us all to be vulnerable and grow in a safe space. I would recommend it to anybody."

"For me the most thought provoking was the guided visualisation exercise and then the drawing and painting afterwards. It was the sharing with two other lovely people afterwards that gave me an insight in to what the drawing had meant for me and how it touched back in to forgotten childhood memories. But it also seemed to be showing me a possible future?  I enjoyed the bit of group singing and would have liked more of that." "In summary I found the weekend allowed me to find new connections to those child parts of self that seem to be waiting for permission to come out and play. I found that through singing, dancing/free body movement and various guided exercises I had new choices. Within this environment I also experienced such love and caring from the people I was with and felt privileged to have shared in their experience."




The participants of the 2016 'Spa for the Soul', saying goodbye after a memorable weekend.

The weekend was enlightening in so many ways, I realised how little time I take for myself in everyday life, and how beneficial it is to do so. To let myself be who I am and not to worry about how I might be failing or be less able than others. It's enough to know that I am trying to be the best I can, and to understand that it's imortant to push myself out of my comfort zone sometimes, nothing bad will happen, just new experiences will be had.

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