Understanding Addiction

                     1 Day Training session 24th January 2022                                                      Facilitator: Lesley Wilson

      Feedback                                                                                                                                                                                   Rating

How would you rate the:






Facilitation of the Training






Training Materials

















                          (Score: 5 = Excellent. 4 = Good, 3 = Average.2 = Less than average, 1 = Poor)


What has been the professionally/clinically useful for you within the Training?

The Peer mentors all coming together and engaging well. Team bonding and learning.

Insight into 12 step programme.

Discussions around meaning of addiction.

All of it.

Learned different technique’s on how to facilitate groups

As someone who is new to group facilitating and peer mentoring it has given me so many areas to consider and hopefully use at my next meeting with members.


What has been personally useful for you within the training?


The reflective practice

Ideas for/to enable facilitation.

I really enjoyed the core beliefs exercise.

Play is a useful tool


One sentence you would like to say to your facilitator.

Thank you again, another amazing day.

Thank you for your insight.

Strong and competent

Lesley is amazing, I love taking part in training with her.

Thank you for your insight


One sentence you might like to say to the next group of students.

Enjoy your day, take care of yourself, and always speak up if you have questions they will be very well received.

Bring your challenges and enjoy the consultation.

Brilliant and supportive.

It is very insightful.

Well worth the time and effort



          Steve Page - Inside the Cyclical Model                                  1 day workshop 5th June 2021                                               (feedback/comments)


How would you rate the:                  






Facilitation of the training






Training Materials












Score: 5 = excellent; 4 = good; 3 = average; 2 = less than average; 1 = poor

                                   [Attendees: 14; Evaluations: 13]


What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the Training?

  • Bringing the model to life, seeing, being & doing.
  • To hear the way that others work, and to try this.
  • To review the cyclical model and how we might practice within it
  • Reflecting back on my knowledge of the model, what has embedded or not into my practice.
  • Depth of the model / refresher / networking with peers
  • Thinking about ‘bridging’ and learning the supervisees’ ‘language’.
  • The experiential exercises exploring each of the stages step by step.
  • Working with the model with others.
  • The experiential ‘realness’ of the model in practice.
  • Connecting with others, learning from them as well as Steve.
  • Revisiting experiences.  Working with other experienced professionals (+++). Consolidation of prior knowledge.
  • Revisiting the model by experiencing each stage rather than being taught theory.
  • To experience different perspectives of working in the model. 


What has been personally useful for you within the Training?

  • Group discussion and activities, play.
  • To hear the way that others work, and to try this.
  • Always useful to be amongst peers and to share practice issues and ideas
  • Recognising the lack of feedback I receive or ask for in supervision with supervisees.
  • Network with peers.
  • Realising to slow down – time out and time needed to reflect.
  • Revision of the model ‘from the horse’s mouth’.  Sharing of personal experiences and perspective of the stages.
  • Meeting other supervisors and working with them and learning from their experience.
  • The model is now simplified for me and I feel able to unconsciously apply the cycle.
  • Space to reflect and be in it.
  • Working with members of this group who have been generous in their sharing of experiences and expertise.
  • Realisation of the aspects I need to change personally.
  • Working with others has generated things to think about.


One sentence you would like to say to Steve?

  • Thank you!!
  • Thank you!  I am glad to have worked with you.
  • I liked the gentle pace and might have enjoyed more group sharing time.
  • This model really sits with me, so really appreciate the time to meet and hear your own experience of how you see the model.
  • Thank you for the pace and space to reflect on my supervision practice.
  • Thank you for the tools that will help continue the work.
  • Thank you for sharing your experiences and processes.  Thank you for pacing and time keeping.
  • I trusted your openness and presence and ease.
  • The space!  Thanks for the magic of this gift.
  • Thank you for your sharing your knowledge, warmth and compassionate energy.
  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.
  • Thank you for an enjoyable Saturday.
  • Thank you for letting us into your processes while holding us in the cycle.


One sentence you might like to say to the next group of students?

  • It will open your eyes!
  • Keep going.
  • Make the most of the group work time that you’re given, as it goes really quickly!
  • Jump in and be open to the experience – ask questions, you may only get this once.
  • Useful exploration / reminder / refresher of the model.
  • Be ready to learn more about yourself and about the work – a very relaxed space.
  • It’s been enjoyable and insightful to share experiences and processes with fellow therapists and supervisors.
  • Go for it!
  • Experience the cycle and make it as you need it to work for you.
  • Enjoy the experience, let go and go with the flow.
  • Enjoy participating in training with Accord services.  Value excellent.  Thank you.
  • Put as much as you can into the day, that’s how you will get the most out of it!
  • Embrace it!

Adapting to Change – 'The Covid Period'                        Training Date: 13:08:2020


How would you rate the:   






Facilitation of Training






Training Materials






                                 Score: 5 = excellent, 4 = good, 3 = average, 2 = less than average, 1 = poor)

What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the Training?

Connecting with other clinicians – similar themes

Connecting with my lovely colleagues

Being aware that through Covid I've had to manage my own adjustment to change whilst helping others to adjust

 Training felt appropriate for where the counselling team is right now.  Spot on!

Connecting together, space and time to nurture yourself and each other

Fantastic nurturing fulfilling day. Facilitation great

What has been personally useful for you within the Training?

Connecting with counsellors feeling nurtured and supported

Reminding me of my need for self compassion and realness; a reminder I can do this

Lesley asks very useful questions that help me to tune into myself

Helped to identify where I'm at currently; felt brought the team together, felt less alone

The Above (Connecting together, space and time to nurture yourself and each other)

Reconnecting with fellow counsellors.  Being authentic

One sentence you would like to say to your facilitator?

Bella Mama Yay!

Thank you! For your warmth, gentleness, energy, insight and ability to respond in the moment

I can be fully myself when  being facilitated by you

Thought provoking, felt held throughout

Thank you for facilitating our day together

Thank you for intuitively knowing what we all needed and being the grounding force for the day

One sentence you might like to say to the next group of students?

Go with it, enjoy the playfulness

Get stuck in and enjoy the day, learn all you can about yourself

If you resonate with Lesley you must be 'cool'

Recommend this training, facilitated honestly and with care

Just go with it and enjoy – Thank you Lesley you were fab

A fulfilling, inspiring day xx  Fabulous facilitation Thank you


Training Date: 18. 1. 2020



How would you rate the:      






Facilitation of Training






Training Materials






Venue (the room was very cold)






                               (Score: 5 = excellent, 4 = good, 3 = average, 2 = less than average, 1 = poor)


Your comments would be greatly appreciated upon the follow: 

What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the Training?

Alternative methods of approaching the therapeutic relationship (i.e. play therapy, experiential activities etc.)

The theory was just enough – handouts.  Perfect.   I find the talking part and peer group involvement an excellent way to learn.  Thank you

It was excellent and I will not only take it in my professional world but outside world too

I have found very useful to learn to focus on body sensations and emotions and use them in the client world

Self-Discovery to help with professional

Greater insight into subject matter and how you can apply it professionally with clients

What has been personally useful for you within the Training?

Being respected and treated fairly in the environment

Tools and creative ways will be really useful in my role with client.  I love using creative forms to enhance my work

The hands on experiential learning

To increase my self-awareness

Self Discover

Greater insight into subject matter

One sentence you would like to say to your facilitator/s?

Very knowledgeable, engaging and unique

Easy to listen and Lesley is engaging

You are amazing, patient, interactive and passionate about your subject area

Thank you very much for an excellent training


Thank you so very much – thought provoking

One sentence you might like to say to the next group of students?

Well worth attending

‘Trust the process’


Trust the process

Value the experience

Keep an open mind



Session held in November 2019


Did the training meet the aims and objectives?

Yes x 6

Yes and more

Yes and a lot more

Has the training increased your knowledge?

Yes x 5


Not overly but a good reminder of things I’d forgotten

Yes, I’ve come away with lots of new ideas

What did you enjoy about this training?

Interviewing the image and the role play

The variety of tasks, the interaction with others and sharing of experience

Experiential nature

Sharing good practice and gaining knowledge I can use with confidence

The space to play and use my imagination

Responsiveness to group – flexibility, practical activities – depth of involvement and space to reflect

Delivery – how the trainer adapted to the needs of the group

What could have been done differently?

-x 4

n/a x 2

Nothing really


Any other feedback?

Thank you – really enjoyed the day and feel I have the confidence to try and use different methods with clients


I have really enjoyed this course and want to recommend this to others

Good to have a trainer be with whatever comes up for her and the group

A valuable experience and fun

I really enjoyed today’s training especially the experiential aspect.  Good pacing

I feel more confident to give things a go with clients, would appreciate more of it.

Very knowledgeable and experienced training with a great delivery making the day very useful and meaningful


Marks out of 10?  10 x 5 & 9 x 3

Understanding the Impact of Domestic Abuse & Ways To Work Creatively with Children & Young People


How would you rate the training:    






Facilitation of Training



Training Materials








Score: 5 = excellent, 4 = good, 3 = average, 2 = less than Average, 1 = poor)

Your comments would be greatly appreciated upon the follow: 

What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the Training?

The course has been a useful reminder to trust yourself and your relationship with each child in the counselling room

To try different things – visualisation and character/story

Revisiting Attachment Styles & Relating them to ways of working

Creative writing, how organic the flow of the day was and how it was paced to fit with us

The experiential work and gaining an understanding of how the exercises work 

The creative exercises that I can use in the counselling room


Experiential work backing up theory

What has been personally useful for you within the Training?

Seeing how powerful play can be for a child (and adult) in bringing out feelings and getting them to understand themselves.  It has also been a powerful insight into where I am right now.

Practicing telling a story through art work

Lots of breaks between listening, discussions and interactive activities; learning to listen to your ‘inner voice’

To connect with others and gain a greater understanding of the importance of relationship

Team work and Ideas

Experiential learning, connecting with colleagues

Listening to other peoples’ experiences and ideas

Challenging core beliefs/looking from a different perspective 


Refreshing, reaffirming own skills and knowledge, very support, non-judgemental

One sentence you would like to say to your facilitator?

Thank you for reminding me of the importance of hearing the story, the child’s story from their point of view and of focussing upon body language

Thank you for helping me to see deeper than thought

Thank you for being real, your honesty allowed me to be real and honest

Thank you, I really enjoyed the course 

Thank you

Thank you, as a bit of a critical watcher, I know I’ve enjoyed the training when I don’t!

Thank you for providing a safe space to explore the subject and experience the exercises

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and being receptive to the needs of the group

A good mix of theory and creative

Thank you Lesley, I really enjoyed today!

One sentence you might like to say to the next group of students?

Let go of your image of yourself and immerse yourself in the exercises/play.

Go along with an open mind

Go with the training, however, strange it may feel at times, allow yourself to be open to your own process!

Throw yourself in – all in


Go with the flow of the day, you’ll get out what you put in 

Trust the process and enjoy

You will love it

Have fun, leave inhibitions outside the room 

Leave your preconceptions at the door, don’t fear it, go with it, you will learn from it.

Thank you for all your feedback we will endeavour to improve upon the Training by using what you have written.

Comments from these evaluations may be used on the accord training website


Robin Shohet Finite and Infinite games. Supervision training.

Workshop Evaluation  2nd July 2019


How would you rate the:






Facilitation of training






Training Materials






The Venue








What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the training?

To have no technology, just people and space.

Being fearless, it’s ok

To trust myself in the room

Using self in practice. Recognising the consequences of constructs

Increased self-awareness, be myself in sessions – feelings

Focus on what’s felt in supervision

Becoming aware of just taking time and allowing space to see what happens.

Trust myself as a practitioner (and as a human).

To reconnect with myself, enjoying the experience of being with others.

Challenge in supervision.

The depth of knowledge and the sharing of this in process.


What has been personally useful for you within the training?

Hearing others experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Awareness of allowing the self to feel pain, fear, frustration, information to enhance self-knowledge and be more open.

To trust myself

The pleasure of being with people.

“I am” Don’t quite understand this yet, but really interested in this.

Challenging myself, taking risks, trusting myself

“I am” what does this mean to me – how many external factors actually influence me.

Self-acceptance and love.

Sitting and being present.

Forgiving my mother

I will take away ‘it’s a way of life’


One sentence you would like to say to the facilitators?

Thank you for supporting my growth.

Thank you for your experience and challenge to the ‘norms’

Thank you

Respected admired for his view of life.

Wasn’t sure what to expect- completely different to anything I though may happen, lots of processing to do.

Thank you for the safety to do the work

Great day that has had me up and down, with yes I get this ‘Oh that’s a new spanner’ where  ‘am I’ now??

My heart feels swell(ed)!

Thank you for putting this on.

A great big thank you for sharing your knowledge in an easily understandable way.

Fabulous Thank you


One sentence you might like to say to the next group of students?

Invaluable, insightful and truly experiential.

Thanks for sharing and being open, allows openness in myself.

Just be in the moment and trust

Be open to learn and explore.

Keep an open mind.

Really glad I came

Sit back and enjoy

Come dive in and enjoy the experience you won’t regret it

Play and enjoy slow things down.

Go with an open mind and a willingness to engage.

You are in for a treat – you won’t be disappointed.

Using Creativity in the Therapy Room. 

Workshop 21st June 2019

Workshop Evaluation


How would you rate the:   






Facilitation of Training






Training Materials






                               Score: 5 = excellent, 4 = good, 3 = average, 2 = less than average, 1 = poor


What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the Training?

Experiencing other ways of connecting with my clients and myself.

Able to use objects in the therapy room and understand the therapeutic value

The Story cards

(Not Practicing Yet) Connecting with the creative therapy on a level I thought I wouldn’t be able to

Sun Shines On

All of it.  Absolutely amazing and I will definitely be looking to explore this a lot more personally

Using different tools, connecting with others

The practical elements of the training: understanding from the clients’ perspective how the play and tools work on building trust and the relationship


What has been personally useful for you within the Training?

All of the above and experiencing my colleagues

Exploring how the materials have impacted myself

The Story cards, how it opens up questions to gain a deeper understanding

Knowing I can use other interventions and tools that I can practice in my triads

Team Bonding

The ways in which so much can be achieved by a client through other ways

Focus on my emotional process

As above and learning about myself and the creative side of me


One sentence you would like to say to your facilitators?

Wonderful, beautiful, generous lady(s)

Thank you

Thank you and I will definitely use the new tools I have learned

Thank you so much for opening my eye to creative therapy.  I really loved it.

You, as always are amazing

Thank you so much J

Excellent way of introducing creativity in counselling

Thank you for delivering the training in a very kind and understanding way


One sentence you might like to say to the next group of students?

Be yourselves

Leave the adult at the door

Be open to all play no matter how silly it feels

Do it! Have faith and go at it with everything you have.  It’s better when you don’t hold back

Take it all in

Enjoy every second; absolutely immersing and amazing

It is important to experience it and trust the process

Be open minded and willing to get involved and try the activities, you will definitely feel the benefits by the end of the training



Supervision for School Staff Evaluation – Day One 

This 2 day training session was held on 23rd & 24th May 2019



How would you rate the:   






Facilitation of Training




Training Materials






Training Venue – great food, views, Just tricky to find






                                 Score: 5 = excellent, 4 = good, 3 = average, 2 = less than average, 1 = poor)

Your comments would be greatly appreciated upon the following: 

What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the Training?


No Comment

Useful to see how ‘supervision’ model can run effectively in my setting. Also powerful to see the benefits.

Find out what it is and practising it


How to initiate discussions and to actively listen

Defining what ‘supervision’ is

Understanding the supervision model

Space and time

Giving people the chance to speak

Reflecting on practice and really understanding how to listen

Information on what supervision is. Listening skills

This opportunity to put the skills we had observed and discussed into practice within a small group

Recap on listening skills, learning from others, supervision models


What has been personally useful for you within the Training?


No Comment

Time to reflect upon my own practise and useful/helpful strategies that I can implement with immediate effect to improve my own personal management of time/stress

Recognising and talking thought my own ‘problem’


Understanding that no is fine

Integration with a group of ‘strangers’ but the fulfilling feeling of being part of a group of likeminded people which brings ease

Awareness of my own listening skills and how I can improve on these

No comment

As above (Giving people the chance to speak)

Group work

Good practice in listening as a supervisor


Training style and networking


What might you like to encourage more of?

No comment

Time to work with groups and others – found it really useful to chat to people in my ‘school pyramid’ that I didn’t know.


Supervision Meetings

No comment

Staff to appreciate the value of being able to ‘open up’

No comment

Listening to others

Group work

Basic information.  Hadn’t heard of some of the theories/models but felt like I should have

No comment

No comment

No comment


What might you like to encourage less of?

No comment

No comment


No comment

No comment

Any stigma associated with seeing a supervisor

No comment

Interrupting people to finish their sentences

Ice Breakers

Only a short course but didn’t feel equipped so early for practice sessions

No comment

No comment

No comment


One sentence you would like to say to your facilitators?

No comment

Thank you so much, really, really enjoyed the space/time/activities

Thank you for opening my eyes


You were a fountain of knowledge, thank you

Wish this course was longer, I feel there is so much more to learn

No comment

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for your insight

Thank you for excellent delivery and atmosphere

Looking forward to tomorrow

I really enjoyed the training and the style of delivery


Would you recommend this training NO x 1, YES x 12








Accord Services

Supervision for School Staff Evaluation – Day Two


How would you rate the:   






Facilitation of Training





Training Materials






Training Venue






                                (Score: 5 = excellent, 4 = good, 3 = average, 2 = less than average, 1 = poor)

Your comments would be greatly appreciated upon the following:


What has been professionally useful for you within the Training?

More practise/sharing thoughts and ideas

Having the time to prepare/present a ‘Supervision Training Presentation’ really useful to work collectively as a team, share ideas and review each others

No comment

Attachment and how it might manifest

Putting the powerpoints together

Consolidation of the process. Clarity on how to proceed at work

To explore emotions and cycles of behaviour and how to change it – make it positive

To work with a range of staff from other schools, i.e. not just teachers

Again the opportunity to practice

Boundaries in my practice, skills – recap, practising supervision, producing presentation

To recognise that it’s ok for me to have negative emotions at work, I’m only human

Creation of ppt to deliver in school

No comment


What has been personally useful for you within the Training?

More practise and seeing other peoples’ styles

I have thoroughly enjoyed this training and appreciated the time to talk, listen, laugh and meet some lovely new colleagues

Being more self-aware

Understanding my core belief and its impact

Realising I can listen and encourage without judging

More confidence i.e. What do I do well and reassurance and feedback from others re: role as Supervisor

Understanding my new role and developing confidence to apply it

To look at myself and my role and feelings

Looking at attachment styles

Learning, identifying more training

Self reflection

Clarification of role of supervisor

Self reflection


What might you like to encourage more of?

Talking openly and honestly and being okay with ‘stuff’

Looking forward to next meeting

Being self-aware

Group supervision

No comment

No comment

Group work

No comment

No comment

Trainers assisting in skills sessions and feedback

Self reflection


Talking to one another


What might you like to encourage less of?


Unrealistic expectations on myself



One sentence you would like to say to your facilitators?

Thank you for opening my eyes even more

Really like to ‘thank you’ for making me reflect upon my own skills and practise and realise how I can make improvements for my own well being


A brilliant 2 days that has cleared my head

Thank you for all the information and the chance to learn more about myself in order to help others

Thank you – it was amazing

Thank you for everything

I really enjoyed the training and feel I have learnt a lot

Thank you for sharing your knowledge

Great training and lovely venue

Thank you for helping me to understand what Supervision is

Thank you for the confidence to help others

Thank you, you have been fantastic

Would you recommend this training YES x 13

Thank you for all your feedback we will endeavour to improve upon the Training by using what you have written.

Comments from these evaluations may be used on the accord training website

 A Practical Introduction to Focussing 23rd and 24th February 2019

Evaluation and Feedback 



What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the Training?

Recognition of how to access process without the clutter of narrative. This was something I already knew head wise and now know experientially or heart wise.

Taking part and watching the skills work feedback on the skills work.

Differentiating boundaries in focusing and counselling generally. Allowing space is more important than filling it.

Improved my ability to tolerate/value pausing.

The possible potential of being there still more fully and with greater sensitivity.

Practicing in both roles and finding ways to go deeper. Learning the importance of space, not to rush the process.

Recognising that some of it I already do, remembering to pause. The Demo and having a go.

What has been personally useful for you within the training?

The energising self-awareness whish increased with each exercise (combining/integrating professional with personal.

Observing skills work and linking this to personal sensations.

Experience of focusing. Seeing other people’s practice. Listening to Alan.

Getting in touch with something that I haven’t touched on recently.

Improved trust in my voice/feeling/ provided me a structure for sitting in myself.

Learning to be a person. Learning from others boundaries and ways of being.

Checking out my internal weather, Pausing and the group work.

The theoretical input, alongside the skill and practice of focusing as a life skill.

One sentence you would like to say to your facilitators?

Thank you for your knowledge, tenderness and flexibility.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experience humour and patience, and I feel greatly privileged to have met you.

Thanks for being reculiar, and very knowledgeable.

Thank you for your generosity.

Thank you for your generosity, congruence and humour.

There was a lot packed in and its obvious Alan really knows his stuff Thank you for the weekend.

Alan, I found you to be knowledgeable, gentle, considerate, a kind safe pair of hands.

One sentence you might like to say to the next group of students?

It’s an amazing experience – try it and find out what’s really going on inside of you.

Trust the process and you will gain a lot.

Leave your therapist hat at home and do this course for yourself – its fab!

Enjoy it.

Go with an open heart and mind and milk it for all its worth.

Within the ever faster merry-go-round of life, focusing is a valuable tool for self or within the therapeutic arena

 ‘Group Supervision – Exploring Process’ 

Feedback from this training session held       April 2019


What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the training?

The Focus and reflection, Animal Island exercise was great.

I feel that I could use the method used to day to facilitate potential difficulties in a group I may be facilitating. It has helped me to reflect on my role in a group.

It has been hugely helpful to have someone lead the group through the difficulties and head us in a positive direction.

Experience, willingness to challenge.

Because I have learnt more about how and why I function. Help with being supervisors.

Having the opportunity to situate myself and play around with my position in the group.

Openness and atmosphere created to allow us all to speak.

Reflections on our group process.


What has been personally useful for you within the training?

The personal reflection and courage I’ve taken.

My role in a group.

Hearing how I come across to others.

A safe space to process.

I’ve realised how hurt I’ve been.

Hearing others’ experiences of me.

Using the animals – seeing yourself in them even things you may not have been aware of firstly.

Insight into self, step to building trust in a group.


One sentence you would like to say to your facilitator?

Thank you Lesley, I appreciated your compassion, insight, firm management and gentle humour.

Thank you for providing a safe space for today’s training.

I love your warm but firm approach

Thank you for the safety and the effectiveness of your robustness in facilitating our process.

Thank you your approach has been invaluable.

Thank you for the island activity but perhaps we could have had more time to discuss our current group difficulties.

Measured and built nicely.

Working Therapeutically with Children 12th March 2019


What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the training?

Identifying more exercises to use with the pre bereaved, found Lesley’s suggestions really helpful.

It has given me food for thought about the impact of working with children.

The role play allowed me to experience being the young person, which helped me entre their world and maybe understand it a bit more.

Being the client/insight. Another layer of empathy (depth). Triad as therapist, I found I was same person listening to feedback.

The Triad Work

Refreshing my knowledge of working with children, confirmation that I am providing a good service to the community of Burley and Pendle.

Talking about how young people deal with death.

Great insight into children’s work.

Exploring the option to work with children.

Affirmation that we are providing a high standard of counselling to children

What has been personally useful for you within the training?

I’ve learned more about how my own experience is helping others to work with theirs and also to look more closely at the attachment behind the attachment style for myself and my clients.

An awareness of myself both as an adult and through the exercises, as a child.

That I can do this and do it with more confidence, trust in myself rather that looking at others thinking they are doing it better.

The affirmation and comfort that I’m not too ‘far out’ from model but authentic self-overrides this anyway.

Practice work in groups to see how others work.

Being the child and learning how if felt to be with an adult who cared.

Understanding how young people express through play, good theory behind the work.

I learnt something about myself which I was unaware of

It’s ok not to know!

It was nice to do a training session as a team

What might you like to encourage more of?

More triad work in venue more equipped to provide that space although I fully respect the limitations due to practicalities.

I would like more of these trainings and more space to do some of the exercises/triads.

Trusting that what I do is okay and that I keep my boundaries, voice firm.

None directive play experience.

Practice/triad and reflective work

Experiential play.

More of owning feelings and talking about them when something comes up when talking in a group.

Further sessions like this one.

Watching play sessions.

What might you encourage less of?

I feel that I need to slow down initially when I fiest meet a client at times my doubt can make me say too much or go too quick. Something to think about.


Small group work more creativity

One sentence you would like to say to your facilitator?

Your training always inspires me to feel more at peace with myself as a counsellor.

Very accommodative yet mindful of the boundaries, made the environment very relaxing and comfortable by her presence.

Thank you, I always learn something new and want to keep learning about myself/process and with you I’ll keep doing that.

Thanks for being you in the room and modelling professionalism and humanity.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge

Thank you for the new experience, I have learnt something today.

Thank you this has been very useful.

Very knowledgeable, but also real.

Thank you very much.

Would you recommend this training?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Working Creatively with Loss and Bereavement

Hosted by Lesley Wilson - Open Door Centre, 3rd November 2018

What has been professionally/Clinically useful for you within the training?

Exploring theory into practice.

More understanding of counselling for grief.

Working in 4s- I have benefitted from looking at metaphors- this has really widened my knowledge.

I have understood the process of loss and restoration more.

All of it


Techniques for when clients are stuck. Metaphors Theory - Models



What has been personally useful to you?

Subject matter of grief

Greater understanding of myself and metaphor

Metaphors- enjoyed working with Theory of loss,  enjoyed working with new people.

To get in touch with losses from the past.

Sharing Experiences

Watching others counsel, meeting the others, lots of handy hints.


What might you like to encourage more of?

More time, i.e. 2 days

Enjoyed the experience Work

Joining in having a go

Share personal experiences

Group work


Use of Metaphor


What might you encourage less of?



One sentence yo9u would like to say to your facilitator?

I feel comfortable with you Lesley, I connect with your style.

Thank you Lesley, you always deepen my insight.

Easy to listen to and understand.

I have enjoyed the discussions and experiencing clients feelings

The training session has been extremely informative

Your time has been very much appreciated

A big Thank you. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and got a lot from it.


Would you recommend this training?








Supervision as a Sprititual Practice

Training hosted by Robin Shohet 3rd July 2108

Feedback from the  Training Day


Q1 What has been professionally/clinically useful within the training?

The ways of focusing upon thoughts rather experiential examples on behaviour in order to get beyond ego states

Discussion around love and fear places

The experiential examples

The focus on thought/thinking was refreshing

To work as part of a group, group supervision sessions

The experience of group supervision and seeing how it works well given the time

It has given me ideas around exercises to use within my own supervision practice. I will no doubt reflect on much of today and integrate useful aspects into my work

Exploring you thought process and behaviours

To reconnect with myself and challenge my thoughts, focus on relationships

Watching and working with Robin and the group

The role play with Robin and 5 members of the group, one presenting

Role modelling a way of being

Robins knowledge and delivery is amazing his willingness to be constantly open to the group needs

So many links to client and supervision work throughout the whole day

Useful space that I am very grateful for

Different perspective on my work and use of self within my work


Q2 What has been personally useful for you within the training?

Reviewing a difficult relationship and learning something about it

Sense of self, learning love and fear, to let go – go with my thought processes

Looking at the power of fear to prevent love of life

The fear/love stuff led me to consider something from a perspective I had never considered previously. It was very enlightening.

Exploring work with oneself, safely in the group and observing the group work. It was all amazing

Being still and quiet

Exploring the fear

The emphasis on thinking

Challenged my way of seeing thoughts as less important than feelings – BIG TIME!!

I have felt nourished and challenged love and fear is all around me at this particular time


Q3 What might you encourage more of?

All the above

All fine, a good balance

These types of sharing and learning experiences


Being still and quiet

More playing, moving around

Robing to talk more on spirituality

Nothing it was fluid and responsive to the group at just the perfect pitch for me


Q4 What might you encourage less of?

I cannot think of anything, I enjoyed all aspects

Avoiding your fears



Q5 One sentence you would like to say to the facilitators?

As ever, I’ve really valued your openness, challenges and sense of humour

Thank you, loved every minute of the day – Hope Robin will come back next year.

Thank you for organising this event so well, for all the learning it’s given

Thank you for an enlightening day

Robin was amazing, both in knowledge and as a person


Loved the challenges in a safe and accepting space

Thanks you for the training

Just thank you

You are a gift to us

Thank you for a day of insightful reflection


Q6 One Sentence you might like to say to the next group of students?

It’s very helpful

If you come with an open heart and mind you’re in for a treat.

Engage, participate, trust.

Embrace it, its powerful

You get out what you put in, be brave

This is gold dust

Open your mind and savour the experience

Go with the flow – anything might happen

Be present, and give of yourself in order to develop

Come with an open mind and a willingness to enquire of yourself


Q7 Would you recommend this training? And Why?

It’s healthy to notice what your mind is doing.


Yes, Robin is so insightful- such a special person to be around.

It gets to the heart of what we defend against and is excellent personal and professional development

Yes it was a genuine, encouraged participation and growth /understanding

100% yes, you learn on a deeper level

Yes I love the intimacy and getting away from the story

Yes, well organised, great location wonderful facilitators loved the last one, this was just as good

Yes it feels like Robin has his heart in his work

Yes if nothing else it is a rewarding and nourishing experience to spend a whole day in the company of inspirational people

Yes, all aspects of this day are special

It’s been valuable use of my time

Working Therapeutically with Loss

28th June 2018

Facilitated by Lesley Wilson


Feedback from the Workshop


Q1 What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the Training?

Working with my colleagues and appreciating/learning from them the difference in the way we work individually.

Useful exercises, especially playing the role of my client

Experiential, thought provoking and challenging. It will help me reflect on my practise and engage in more instinctive and whole body engagement with my client.

To work on the negative thoughts and feelings within me, when working with clients.

Space for reflection on practice and personal experiences, and understanding the connections of both and how they may exist in the counselling room 

Reflecting on my resistance to felt sense opportunities! I will be using this/taking to supervision more.

The exercises allowed both personal and professional reflection and growth – a good balance of the two.

All of it! Specifically though I like the exercise where we embody the client – got more depth to the insight of her.


Q2 What has been personally useful for you with the training?

Role paly of playing a client that I had particular difficulty working with and gaining a better understanding of themselves

The Grounding nature of the day, re-visiting skills

Reflecting on my own experience of loss and how it could impact on counselling. Accepting that I have negative emotions around some clients.

To accept my previous losses, still impact on me and to stop trying to move away from them.

Spending time with colleagues and learning from them . Taking time to think about my losses, and paying attention to my responses.

Seeing how far I have come from being a counselling Level 2 trainee.

Exploration of change of my own emotions towards clients when working with them.,

Personally I felt able to challenge some of my perceptions of death/grief/loss and began to connect with the experience/feeling.


Q3 What might you like to encourage more of?

The Role play mentioned above in peer supervision

More skills exploration within our team in our work place would definitely encourage further training.

More training like this please.

Sitting with the feeling of loss

All of it

Peer groups on loss and bereavement

To be more open/vulnerable about the impact of loss both within myself and with my clients


Q4 What might you like to encourage less of?

N/A, nothing.

The narrative


Shorter breaks

Trying to solve someone’s grief /loss for them


Q5 One sentence you would like to say to your facilitators?

Thanks you for sharing your knowledge and experience

Thank you! Can we book you again for any further CPD?

Thank you so much for this wonderful enlightening day. Am refreshed!

Thank you for challenging us and encouraging us to do so with our clients

Thank you for sharing your expertise, caring and directness.

You’ve helped me to learn more about my fear today in me

Very knowledgeable and insightful, thank you for sharing that with us

You have a gentle approach yet felt safely challenged!


Q6 One Sentence you might like to say to the next group of students?


Enjoy and immerse yourself in it.

Be honest

Be brave and open, and participate as fully as you can

Engage look for opportunities and check out forgotten things

Stay open, receptive and reflective to get the most out of any training

Take the risk it’s worth it.


Q7 Would you recommend this training

 Yes. If yes why? Very informative and excellently presented.

Yes, I learned a lot, great tutor, left me wanting more

Yes, it will make you think.

Yes, Great venue and intimate enough for help learning.

Yes because it is a good reminder of the basics of what I do, but at a higher level

Yes absolutely yes. I felt Lesley really cared about us; this made a big difference to how I listened. Refreshng learning.

Yes, very enjoyable and useful

Definitely yes, I have learnt so much about myself and how I can be more effective with clients

Experiential Exploration of Existentialism 

5th June 2018                                                  Facilitated by Lesley Wilson


How would you rate the:    






Facilitation of Training






Training Materials






                               (Score: 5 = excellent, 4 = good, 3 = average, 2 = less than average, 1 = poor)



What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the Training?

The openeness of the trainer

Connecting with deeper parts of myself

4 selves

Thinking about existentialism

What has been personally useful for you within the Training?

Learnt new skills and ………..

Greater understanding

Increased self-awareness and lots of intellectual stimulation

The exercise of the ‘four aspects of ourselves’

Time to allow insight to settle

Looking at configurations of self




One sentence you would like to say to your facilitators?

Thank you for the facilitating and great day, really enjoyed it.

Amazing, inspirational – lovely demeanour

Great mix of a bit of theory and a safe enabling space to process emotion

A superb workshop, thank you

Thanks for the freedom to learn

You’re a breath of fresh air, I would like to learn more from you. Thank you



One sentence you might like to say to the next group of students?


Amazing training

Trust yourselves and enjoy it

Let yourself get involved

You’re in safe hands, enjoy and prepare to play



AWeekend of Dreams Workshop             

Sat 24th February 2018.                            Facilitated by Richard Davies.

Comments from the evaluation forms;


What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the training?

Gaining insight, knowledge and skills to use professionally

Fish bowl, I found extremely useful. Loved watching and taking on board the powerfulness of skill being seen.

Working with dreams


What has been personally useful for you within the training?

Self-awareness of one of my dreams confidence in skills practice

Insight into my dreams

Some self-acceptance and more understanding of my self

A change in my dream and a possible shift in my feelings around the dream

To experience the power of working with my dream and the dreams of another

My own re-curing ‘stuff” and seeing it from a different perspective,  as a client presenting my dream to a therapist.

Greater insight into how therapists can use dream work when working with clients.


What might you encourage more of?

Nothing, absolutely spot on training day, got more than I thought from it

Massive Thank you

The same please

More of the same, Thank you it was fascinating and insightful and fun!

Not sure yet


What might you like to encourage less of?

Nothing, perfect balance of theory and practice

Biscuits, but I could be shot!

One sentence you would like to say to your facilitators?

Wow just Wow, so grateful to have had the pleasure of your amazing knowledge

Thank you.  Excellent


Thank you for the privilege of sharing today with me

Thank you for sharing your knowledge in an insightful and fascination fun way

Just to say Thank you for everything. This training has touched on many different levels and will give me much more to work on and reflect on in coming months.


One sentence you might like to say to the next group of students?

Amazing training day to fully engage and embrace

Do it!

Definitely do it - Amazing

I’m sure you will enjoy and get a lot out of it.

Be open to trying out techniques which may take you out of your comfort zone. This really does work!

Richard Davies was an excellent facilitaor for this workshop, it was facinating to listen and learn from him.



Would you recommend this training?

Yes 100%, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes


If yes, Why?

Fantastic, It was beneficial clinically and personally, So much to be learned, So Enjoyable

For all the above reasons.


How would you rate the







Facilitation of training








Marking and Feedback









Training Materials








Training Venue








(5 = excellent, 4 = good, 3 = average, 2 = less than average, 1 = poor)



Sun 25th February 2018.                            Facilitated by Dr Phil Goss

Comments from the evaluation forms


What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the training?

Theory, learning all about Jung who I like but struggle to understand

Having an introduction to working with dreams  - something to explore further

Deep knowledge of Jungian dream theory

I have enjoyed the training of Jung and his work

A different language to ‘making sense’

Development and knowledge in this area, opening mind to other ideas

Revisiting Jung and being reminded of the alchemy within the therapeutic relationship and discovering ways of understanding metaphors and possibly phobias.


What has been personally useful for you within the training?

Being able to talk through my recent dream and thing about it’s meaning with support from the group

Exploring meanings and making my own meaning

Meeting others and sharing experiences. Possible talking this forward to exploring my own dreams

Gaining an insight 

It has helped me take a look into me

To reflect on where I am with it all

Engaging with the shadow within my own dream


What might you encourage more of?

Would like a similar one day exploration – perhaps an introduction to existential therapy

An example of seeing it played out professionally (fishbowl)

More pairs work rather than all ‘whole’ groupwork

Direct example of application to client work and working with children

Perhaps a skills experience (in pairs or triads)


What might you like to encourage less of?


Sitting down

Nothing because it was only one day

One sentence you would like to say to your facilitators?

Thank you! I enjoyed the training and would like to follow this with further CPD

Very insightful deep day, inspirational knowledge

Fantastic thank you

Interesting but could we have more pairs work with our own dreams please

Thank you for your open willingness to share your experience and knowledge

Thank you, your depth of knowledge, your willingness to share Jung and being open and accepting of any challenges from the group

One sentence you might like to say to the next group of students?

I think it was beneficial to do both days and I would have struggled with day 2 on it’s own

Start recording your dreams in your notes

Jung’s work, ideas etc. are fascinating


Would you recommend this training?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes


If yes, Why?

Because we all dream and this gives confidence in how to work with clients and their dreams

Fabulous amount of knowledge and insight

Lots of knowledge gained from it

Great personal development in a truly holistic sense

Just to sense of Jung’s ideas and to play with exploring  dreams from a different perspective

If no, why not?


How would you rate the







Facilitation of training








Marking and Feedback








Training Materials








Training Venue








(5 = excellent, 4 = good, 3 = average, 2 = less than average, 1 = poor)

Group Supervision Training day

26th September 2017, Hosted by Robin Shohet



Has this training impacted on you professionally?        

Yes, it’s shone a light on some of my blocks and defences

Made me reflect on myself, and the data that I collect

How important to feel held in the group. Saying that – I have experienced this in my training but on my CPD days over the years this has been almost non existent

How every piece of data is welcome?

Yes, thought provoking re assuring and importance of relationships/heart.

Yes reminded me about process

Made me completely evaluate how I worked in a supervisory role

Freedom from the feeling I have to ‘know it all’

I feel the training has impacted on me professionally and personally, everything is valuable that a supervisee brings to a session; I will remember Data – Content –Process

I loved the experiential way of learning – no names, or titles/job roles = no judgements

I feel as though it has helped me focus more on the ‘what is’ rather than what can I do about it

It has given me greater insight into process

Yes certainly, it has given me a whole new perspective on working with clients, particularly the projective identification discussions.  Also ‘data’ – and not get caught up in it.

I have a more in depth understanding of the emotions involved in a group process

It’s taken some of the pressure of having to know- everything is data

Yes, new way of being, how to enhance supervision practice

Yes, made me reflect on myself, the data that I collect, my self-awareness important. Given areas for CPD ‘projective identification’ and parallel process.

How has this training impacted upon you personally?

Loved the feeling of freedom of letting some things go

It’s given my confidence a boost. The group supervision was most enlightening. I will definitely continue with my work and stop thinking I should retire.

Pay more attention to me – look more at projective identification

Yes I feel more confident and self assured

Able to speak and show courage

Made me rethink my behaviour within my personal life and relationships

Able to identify my core belief and how to challenge this

It has helped me to see that I am more comfortable in large groups than I thought

I am good enough!

It has been freeing and given a sense of liberation

To strive to be more free, to break rules (occasionally)! To be present!

Data - to remain unemotional to be aware of my personality, how it affects relationships

Freed up to be curious and explore the process

Impact on self-beliefs and unhelpful responses

Lot of processing on own issues

Provided material for Personal development

What did you find least useful and how would you improve this?

Everything was useful

The area I had the most problem with was the idea of not complaining, to start internally (made sense by the end of the day)

Everything was useful

Found the whole day useful

What areas have you identified for further professional/personal development?   

Need to look at blocks and identify them in counselling

Another day with Robin?

Need to do more around parallel process and projective identification

To learn more about ‘projective personality’

More of the same

Stay with embodied feelings and trust that something will come up

I feel I would like to be part of a larger supervision group at some point

Continuing to attend training events as and when identified, to read more!

To continue with the development of group supervision

Continuing opening my heart and my awareness

Do you have any feedback to offer the facilitator/s?

Well organised, lovely venue.

Great day- venue -food -company and of course the work with Robin Shohet

Thank you for organising such an informative, challenging and compassionate facilitator in Robin.

Thanks for an excellent day

Lovely location and lunch

Fab place, very calming – more of the same please

Wonderful day

Enjoyed the pace of the day, calming and soothing but packed full of learning

Venue was brilliant

Just great!

Thank you for facilitating a very enjoyable, pleasant and worthwhile day in a beautiful location

A really valuable day, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank You. I really appreciated your sense of fun, almost mischief which played to my inner silliness!

It was excellently organised and facilitated, with a sense of warmth and welcoming

Very open and genuine, very informative and experiential

Excellent, thank you for the challenge and helping me towards deeper insights

Excellent facilitator

Any other comments are welcome.

I’m looking forward to taking part in many more training days.

More Please

Everything is welcomed

Just love Robin now! Will read his book from cover to cover.

Thank you

When are you putting on another day that I can go to?

Can’t wait for anther training event

A very insightful day, had an impact on my thoughts of supervision. Permission to question, to be freer of constraints

Appreciated wheat and gluten free options





Love, Loss, Change, An insight into Grief and Bereavement

Feedback from the one day workshop  held on 14/3/17


Has this training impacted upon you professionally?


Yes, Its consolidated my knowledge, taught me to be more self aware

Reinforced and affirmed what I have known

Yes, so much more to learn

Allowed some valuable ‘breathing space’ and a safe environment to consolidate learning and experience

Increased confidence to talk to children about their bereavement

Yes, I feel more aware of how to contain a child’s feelings safely, recognising how I impact upon the process.



I’m feeling more emotionally aware, good to hear from others in different professions.



How has this training impacted on you personally?

Greater insight into bereavement unresolved

Yes, I’m going to ensure, I do more self care

An opportunity to re-connect with my grief and check in with my grieving process.

Love and Loss.

I’ve been able to get in touch with my feelings and needs.

I reflected on my past experience of loss and thought about the impact on me today.

I feel thankful that I have had the time and space to feel the feelings that I have felt throughout the day. It has reminded me that I need to continue to give myself more time and space.

It has made me realise that I need to look after myself to be able to help others effectively.

It has made me more self-aware and made me think how a child would feel after bereavement.

Very much so, realisations.

To look at my own coping strategies.


What did you find least useful and how would you improve this training?

All very good.

I found it all useful.

I found it all helpful but would have liked to hear some of the theory in more depth (new and developing theory).

Sharing as a group and in pairs was the most useful.

I love to make notes, - a good thing was I didn’t need to, but still felt I should be doing!!

Probably the PowerPoint at the end, I felt that I was switching off a bit. Useful if a longer course though?

None, it was all useful.

I felt all the content was useful.


I enjoyed all the activities.


What areas have you identified for further professional /personal development?

Personal work on bereavement.

Need to update myself again regarding theories/research into grief. This research can help to validate a person’s response to grief.


Further reading and further experiential training.

Self Care, Self Care, Self Care…

To read the theories re grief/loss to further my knowledge and also to refresh my knowledge.

I would like to read more and possibly attend further events, thinking of retreats. Keep considering my own self-care.

To learn more about bereavement counselling for children.

I am interested in learning more about bereavement counselling.

To continue PD as it’s good to recall and further my knowledge

Professional -  to look at body language, noise and movement in session,

Personal -  to consider talking to family and avoid avoiding issues.

Do you have any feedback to offer the facilitator/s?

Very well presented, personable and professional.

The facilitator’s tone of voice, demeanour ensured a calm safe environment.

I found client examples helpful and would enjoy more of this.

I felt looked after.

Thank you, lovely mix of facilitating styles that complimented the range and learning styles in the group.

I felt safe and comfortable with how the course was facilitated. It was well planned and delivered sensitively. At no point did I feel intimidated by the facilitator’s vast experience in this area.

I felt safe quickly and relaxed, which allowed me to learn I also felt contentment that allowed me to explore aspects I wouldn’t normally do on a training day.

I have enjoyed the day, Thank you.

I have really enjoyed today, (and the food was excellent)!

Well organised and very clear, Thank you

Fantastic venue and food


Any Other comments are welcome

Lovely venue and excellent food, thank you kitchen staff.

Room quite cold in the morning, which distracted me from focussing a little.

Really informative.  I learnt from people working in different settings and their experiences.

The pace was helpful, the venue and food was great. Having regular breaks gave time to reflect.

I only wish it had been longer J

The environment was so relaxing and peaceful, just what I needed, thank you.

A lovely setting for this course, the food was lovely.

It was emotional but therapeutic, sharing experiences with people I only just met.

I would be interested in other training opportunities, via email would be great.

An Introduction to Understanding Addiction and Recovery

Feedback From

The above One day workshop held on 6th January 2017

Using the 12 Step Programme.


Overall did you find this training? Very Helpful – Helpful – Little Help- No Help

All but one attendee said very helpful, one other said helpful.

What parts of the training was most helpful?

The group discussions about the 12 step programme

The Jellinek Curve and Jenny’s thought provoking insight into AA, and challenging my own beliefs. Being with other therapists is very reparative after a difficult week

The whole training was insightful in a professional and personal sense

The whole day was brilliant, but the Jellinek curve is the thing I will be using the most

Aspects of the Jellinek Curve – discussing the problems around working with addictions

What were your feelings after this session?

Glad I came, I felt lighter and less stressed about work.


Privileged and grateful.

Felt reflective and energised.

More understanding about addiction

Anything to say to the facilitator?

Great Admiration for Lesley Wilson


Thank you!

Thank you for allowing me to clear my mind.

Thank you.


What in particular did you learn about the subject matter?

Broadened my knowledge around The 12 Step Programme.

Change is individual as is recovery

It was all new to me and was a great learning experience

Jellinek Curve as a way of appreciating ambivalence around drinking

More understanding about addiction and the meaning of addiction. The long term support and the group work.

Other Comments

I think I would benefit from some extra supervision as I currently have a very complex caseload and some of what you’ve said today has struck a chord with me/refocused me.

Thank you I loved it.

Excellent Course

Working Therapeutically With Children


  • The training has given me a greater insight into the world of play and how it can be incorporated into my work.  Thank you for this unique look into the world of play and how to let the inner child out.  I felt the strong boundaries set at the beginning enabled me to feel safe to just enjoy.


  • Thank you for this experience! Journey, adventure of Learning.


  • This Training has given me an invaluable basic knowledge and insight into working with children.  All the course was excellent.,but more time would be beneficial. More Please!


  •  An excellent course and I would be keen to learn about future training events


  • Given me greater insight, tools and techniques for working with children - not necessarily in counselling setting.  Found the personal examples really helpful and experiential nature of the workshops makes the stuff stick


  • Expanded on my experiential work and how to interact with children.  I realise how the simplest thinkgs can have the greatest effect.


  • Massive learning.  I think it was well done, we did not waste time or get involved in some unproductive talking.  I've enjoyed it!


  • Good to use tools and experience play, will give confidence using (particularly pictures) with my adult clients.  Very welcoming and interesting. Good course.

Working Creatively with Children & Families


"Facilitator continuously checked out what was working and what wasn't; also what we wanted, so we could own our own responsibility for learning.  Thank you it has been great, much appreciated!!"
"I feel in the 2 days you could not have put any more effort or work in. Thank you for giving me this experience and learning process."
"Felt had time to share and ask, enjoyed all aspects, increased my learning and gained new ideas to enhance my practice"
"A lot packed into 2 days.  Really useful"
"Lesley was professional and very organised but fantastic at promoting our own learning abilities.  Thank you!!! It's been a really rewarding experience"
"I feel that the course was facilitated well and we covered a lot - I felt the facilitation was very good/relaxed/informal - non intrusive.  A great two days"

Group Work - Exploring Effective Facilitation - 4 Days

"Learning to recognise and acknowledge my own feelings/instincts - and trust them."


"Learning to tune in more to how others in the group are responding to me and each other"


"To be fully aware of the dynamics that play out thoughout the day and to hold the group appropriate. Great week-end, Many thanks"


"I've really enjoyed the group and looking forward to July"


"The experiential nature of the groupwork training and animal game. It was all useful for me, even the uncomfortable stuff."





Attachment Training - 1 Day


"The role-play was most challenging but the most useful! Really enjoyed Lesley's style, I feel very comfortable and engaged in the training environment she creates.  Thank you I'll be looking out for more or your training courses. I like your style."


"I found it valuable to refresh and update on attachment theories - working in groups especially client counsellor roles.  I look forward to reflecting on the sessions and reading up on Attachment to support me in my client work. Thank you"


"Seeing how my own attachment history and experience impacts upon my client work.  I think you managed a potentially difficult balance of therapist and non-therapists to provide an accessible and informative day, accounting for everyone's needs. Many thanks"


 "Exploring Endings; Concept of 'Attachment Style'; Being in a group situation to observe other situations and have other members of the group observe and comment on mine"


"As usual I have learnt so much from Lesley because she keeps the sessions lively and interactive.  I really enjoyed the day and would like to do more workshops if I had the chance"


"Just a 'whistle stop' tour of a most interesting subject. I learnt a lot about myself/other people/service users"


"Groupwork, Analysing personal experience"


"Having no previous knowledge of the subject this was a thorough yet brief introduction.  The session on the care giver and looking at Behavioural/Physical/Emotional responses was very self revealing. Very informative and given me a lot to think about. Thank you"


"I found attaching the theory to situations really useful as it allowed me to see how it fit.  Thank you very much, I really enjoyed the day and learnt an

awful lot, not only about clients but myself."




Team Building Workshop - 1 Day

I think the session was a lot better than I thought it was going to be and done in a fun way but very useful


Entertaining, enjoyable and well presented!  Came away from the meeting with more confidence about ability to do the job

Found it easy to talk to the facilitators. Came away feeling more positive and upbeat


Defining our personalities was a very useful exercise it explains how different we all are.


I found this session very good and informative and also fun to do in a relaxed atmosphere


The whole day was very good, I thought both ladies were very open and honest and made me feel at ease.  The outlook on the life survey was excellent and I felt the results I had from the survey

were exactly me!

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