AWeekend of Dreams Workshop             

Sat 24th February 2018.                            Facilitated by Richard Davies.

Comments from the evaluation forms;


What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the training?

Gaining insight, knowledge and skills to use professionally

Fish bowl, I found extremely useful. Loved watching and taking on board the powerfulness of skill being seen.

Working with dreams


What has been personally useful for you within the training?

Self-awareness of one of my dreams confidence in skills practice

Insight into my dreams

Some self-acceptance and more understanding of my self

A change in my dream and a possible shift in my feelings around the dream

To experience the power of working with my dream and the dreams of another

My own re-curing ‘stuff” and seeing it from a different perspective,  as a client presenting my dream to a therapist.

Greater insight into how therapists can use dream work when working with clients.


What might you encourage more of?

Nothing, absolutely spot on training day, got more than I thought from it

Massive Thank you

The same please

More of the same, Thank you it was fascinating and insightful and fun!

Not sure yet


What might you like to encourage less of?

Nothing, perfect balance of theory and practice

Biscuits, but I could be shot!

One sentence you would like to say to your facilitators?

Wow just Wow, so grateful to have had the pleasure of your amazing knowledge

Thank you.  Excellent


Thank you for the privilege of sharing today with me

Thank you for sharing your knowledge in an insightful and fascination fun way

Just to say Thank you for everything. This training has touched on many different levels and will give me much more to work on and reflect on in coming months.


One sentence you might like to say to the next group of students?

Amazing training day to fully engage and embrace

Do it!

Definitely do it - Amazing

I’m sure you will enjoy and get a lot out of it.

Be open to trying out techniques which may take you out of your comfort zone. This really does work!

Richard Davies was an excellent facilitaor for this workshop, it was facinating to listen and learn from him.



Would you recommend this training?

Yes 100%, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes


If yes, Why?

Fantastic, It was beneficial clinically and personally, So much to be learned, So Enjoyable

For all the above reasons.


How would you rate the







Facilitation of training








Marking and Feedback









Training Materials








Training Venue








(5 = excellent, 4 = good, 3 = average, 2 = less than average, 1 = poor)



Sun 25th February 2018.                            Facilitated by Dr Phil Goss

Comments from the evaluation forms


What has been professionally/clinically useful for you within the training?

Theory, learning all about Jung who I like but struggle to understand

Having an introduction to working with dreams  - something to explore further

Deep knowledge of Jungian dream theory

I have enjoyed the training of Jung and his work

A different language to ‘making sense’

Development and knowledge in this area, opening mind to other ideas

Revisiting Jung and being reminded of the alchemy within the therapeutic relationship and discovering ways of understanding metaphors and possibly phobias.


What has been personally useful for you within the training?

Being able to talk through my recent dream and thing about it’s meaning with support from the group

Exploring meanings and making my own meaning

Meeting others and sharing experiences. Possible talking this forward to exploring my own dreams

Gaining an insight 

It has helped me take a look into me

To reflect on where I am with it all

Engaging with the shadow within my own dream


What might you encourage more of?

Would like a similar one day exploration – perhaps an introduction to existential therapy

An example of seeing it played out professionally (fishbowl)

More pairs work rather than all ‘whole’ groupwork

Direct example of application to client work and working with children

Perhaps a skills experience (in pairs or triads)


What might you like to encourage less of?


Sitting down

Nothing because it was only one day

One sentence you would like to say to your facilitators?

Thank you! I enjoyed the training and would like to follow this with further CPD

Very insightful deep day, inspirational knowledge

Fantastic thank you

Interesting but could we have more pairs work with our own dreams please

Thank you for your open willingness to share your experience and knowledge

Thank you, your depth of knowledge, your willingness to share Jung and being open and accepting of any challenges from the group

One sentence you might like to say to the next group of students?

I think it was beneficial to do both days and I would have struggled with day 2 on it’s own

Start recording your dreams in your notes

Jung’s work, ideas etc. are fascinating


Would you recommend this training?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes


If yes, Why?

Because we all dream and this gives confidence in how to work with clients and their dreams

Fabulous amount of knowledge and insight

Lots of knowledge gained from it

Great personal development in a truly holistic sense

Just to sense of Jung’s ideas and to play with exploring  dreams from a different perspective

If no, why not?


How would you rate the







Facilitation of training








Marking and Feedback








Training Materials








Training Venue








(5 = excellent, 4 = good, 3 = average, 2 = less than average, 1 = poor)

Group Supervision Training day

26th September 2017, Hosted by Robin Shohet



Has this training impacted on you professionally?        

Yes, it’s shone a light on some of my blocks and defences

Made me reflect on myself, and the data that I collect

How important to feel held in the group. Saying that – I have experienced this in my training but on my CPD days over the years this has been almost non existent

How every piece of data is welcome?

Yes, thought provoking re assuring and importance of relationships/heart.

Yes reminded me about process

Made me completely evaluate how I worked in a supervisory role

Freedom from the feeling I have to ‘know it all’

I feel the training has impacted on me professionally and personally, everything is valuable that a supervisee brings to a session; I will remember Data – Content –Process

I loved the experiential way of learning – no names, or titles/job roles = no judgements

I feel as though it has helped me focus more on the ‘what is’ rather than what can I do about it

It has given me greater insight into process

Yes certainly, it has given me a whole new perspective on working with clients, particularly the projective identification discussions.  Also ‘data’ – and not get caught up in it.

I have a more in depth understanding of the emotions involved in a group process

It’s taken some of the pressure of having to know- everything is data

Yes, new way of being, how to enhance supervision practice

Yes, made me reflect on myself, the data that I collect, my self-awareness important. Given areas for CPD ‘projective identification’ and parallel process.

How has this training impacted upon you personally?

Loved the feeling of freedom of letting some things go

It’s given my confidence a boost. The group supervision was most enlightening. I will definitely continue with my work and stop thinking I should retire.

Pay more attention to me – look more at projective identification

Yes I feel more confident and self assured

Able to speak and show courage

Made me rethink my behaviour within my personal life and relationships

Able to identify my core belief and how to challenge this

It has helped me to see that I am more comfortable in large groups than I thought

I am good enough!

It has been freeing and given a sense of liberation

To strive to be more free, to break rules (occasionally)! To be present!

Data - to remain unemotional to be aware of my personality, how it affects relationships

Freed up to be curious and explore the process

Impact on self-beliefs and unhelpful responses

Lot of processing on own issues

Provided material for Personal development

What did you find least useful and how would you improve this?

Everything was useful

The area I had the most problem with was the idea of not complaining, to start internally (made sense by the end of the day)

Everything was useful

Found the whole day useful

What areas have you identified for further professional/personal development?   

Need to look at blocks and identify them in counselling

Another day with Robin?

Need to do more around parallel process and projective identification

To learn more about ‘projective personality’

More of the same

Stay with embodied feelings and trust that something will come up

I feel I would like to be part of a larger supervision group at some point

Continuing to attend training events as and when identified, to read more!

To continue with the development of group supervision

Continuing opening my heart and my awareness

Do you have any feedback to offer the facilitator/s?

Well organised, lovely venue.

Great day- venue -food -company and of course the work with Robin Shohet

Thank you for organising such an informative, challenging and compassionate facilitator in Robin.

Thanks for an excellent day

Lovely location and lunch

Fab place, very calming – more of the same please

Wonderful day

Enjoyed the pace of the day, calming and soothing but packed full of learning

Venue was brilliant

Just great!

Thank you for facilitating a very enjoyable, pleasant and worthwhile day in a beautiful location

A really valuable day, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank You. I really appreciated your sense of fun, almost mischief which played to my inner silliness!

It was excellently organised and facilitated, with a sense of warmth and welcoming

Very open and genuine, very informative and experiential

Excellent, thank you for the challenge and helping me towards deeper insights

Excellent facilitator

Any other comments are welcome.

I’m looking forward to taking part in many more training days.

More Please

Everything is welcomed

Just love Robin now! Will read his book from cover to cover.

Thank you

When are you putting on another day that I can go to?

Can’t wait for anther training event

A very insightful day, had an impact on my thoughts of supervision. Permission to question, to be freer of constraints

Appreciated wheat and gluten free options





Love, Loss, Change, An insight into Grief and Bereavement

Feedback from the one day workshop  held on 14/3/17


Has this training impacted upon you professionally?


Yes, Its consolidated my knowledge, taught me to be more self aware

Reinforced and affirmed what I have known

Yes, so much more to learn

Allowed some valuable ‘breathing space’ and a safe environment to consolidate learning and experience

Increased confidence to talk to children about their bereavement

Yes, I feel more aware of how to contain a child’s feelings safely, recognising how I impact upon the process.



I’m feeling more emotionally aware, good to hear from others in different professions.



How has this training impacted on you personally?

Greater insight into bereavement unresolved

Yes, I’m going to ensure, I do more self care

An opportunity to re-connect with my grief and check in with my grieving process.

Love and Loss.

I’ve been able to get in touch with my feelings and needs.

I reflected on my past experience of loss and thought about the impact on me today.

I feel thankful that I have had the time and space to feel the feelings that I have felt throughout the day. It has reminded me that I need to continue to give myself more time and space.

It has made me realise that I need to look after myself to be able to help others effectively.

It has made me more self-aware and made me think how a child would feel after bereavement.

Very much so, realisations.

To look at my own coping strategies.


What did you find least useful and how would you improve this training?

All very good.

I found it all useful.

I found it all helpful but would have liked to hear some of the theory in more depth (new and developing theory).

Sharing as a group and in pairs was the most useful.

I love to make notes, - a good thing was I didn’t need to, but still felt I should be doing!!

Probably the PowerPoint at the end, I felt that I was switching off a bit. Useful if a longer course though?

None, it was all useful.

I felt all the content was useful.


I enjoyed all the activities.


What areas have you identified for further professional /personal development?

Personal work on bereavement.

Need to update myself again regarding theories/research into grief. This research can help to validate a person’s response to grief.


Further reading and further experiential training.

Self Care, Self Care, Self Care…

To read the theories re grief/loss to further my knowledge and also to refresh my knowledge.

I would like to read more and possibly attend further events, thinking of retreats. Keep considering my own self-care.

To learn more about bereavement counselling for children.

I am interested in learning more about bereavement counselling.

To continue PD as it’s good to recall and further my knowledge

Professional -  to look at body language, noise and movement in session,

Personal -  to consider talking to family and avoid avoiding issues.

Do you have any feedback to offer the facilitator/s?

Very well presented, personable and professional.

The facilitator’s tone of voice, demeanour ensured a calm safe environment.

I found client examples helpful and would enjoy more of this.

I felt looked after.

Thank you, lovely mix of facilitating styles that complimented the range and learning styles in the group.

I felt safe and comfortable with how the course was facilitated. It was well planned and delivered sensitively. At no point did I feel intimidated by the facilitator’s vast experience in this area.

I felt safe quickly and relaxed, which allowed me to learn I also felt contentment that allowed me to explore aspects I wouldn’t normally do on a training day.

I have enjoyed the day, Thank you.

I have really enjoyed today, (and the food was excellent)!

Well organised and very clear, Thank you

Fantastic venue and food


Any Other comments are welcome

Lovely venue and excellent food, thank you kitchen staff.

Room quite cold in the morning, which distracted me from focussing a little.

Really informative.  I learnt from people working in different settings and their experiences.

The pace was helpful, the venue and food was great. Having regular breaks gave time to reflect.

I only wish it had been longer J

The environment was so relaxing and peaceful, just what I needed, thank you.

A lovely setting for this course, the food was lovely.

It was emotional but therapeutic, sharing experiences with people I only just met.

I would be interested in other training opportunities, via email would be great.

An Introduction to Understanding Addiction and Recovery

Feedback From

The above One day workshop held on 6th January 2017

Using the 12 Step Programme.


Overall did you find this training? Very Helpful – Helpful – Little Help- No Help

All but one attendee said very helpful, one other said helpful.

What parts of the training was most helpful?

The group discussions about the 12 step programme

The Jellinek Curve and Jenny’s thought provoking insight into AA, and challenging my own beliefs. Being with other therapists is very reparative after a difficult week

The whole training was insightful in a professional and personal sense

The whole day was brilliant, but the Jellinek curve is the thing I will be using the most

Aspects of the Jellinek Curve – discussing the problems around working with addictions

What were your feelings after this session?

Glad I came, I felt lighter and less stressed about work.


Privileged and grateful.

Felt reflective and energised.

More understanding about addiction

Anything to say to the facilitator?

Great Admiration for Lesley Wilson


Thank you!

Thank you for allowing me to clear my mind.

Thank you.


What in particular did you learn about the subject matter?

Broadened my knowledge around The 12 Step Programme.

Change is individual as is recovery

It was all new to me and was a great learning experience

Jellinek Curve as a way of appreciating ambivalence around drinking

More understanding about addiction and the meaning of addiction. The long term support and the group work.

Other Comments

I think I would benefit from some extra supervision as I currently have a very complex caseload and some of what you’ve said today has struck a chord with me/refocused me.

Thank you I loved it.

Excellent Course

Feedback from Evaluations of  various  Courses

'Spa for the Soul' 2016

Shekinah Centre, Newchurch in Pendle

1st -3rd July 2016

Click here to read the feedback from participants



The participants of the 2016 Spa for the Soul weekend


'Using Creativity as a Therapeutic Tool'

Airevally Counselling & Therapy Servcices.

Training Day, 26th June 2016


Overall what did you appreciate?

The whole day and the experience of working with different materials

Ideas about new approaches I would like to use

Learning ways to be innovative

I really appreciated the open nature during the day, it allowed for more open expression and freedom to play

All the interactive opportunities and the opportunity to take risks in a safe environment.

The time and space to try new ways of working, learning from others and the information  presented was really valuable

This was a really lovely group with a happy personal tutor

Working in small groups using materials as metaphors for reality, finding out other people’s take on creative metaphors.

Understood in a deeper way the power of implicit meaning in metaphor – doesn’t need to be decoded.

A really good introduction to the value of creativity and use of different methods in therapy.

The chance to re-connect with colleagues and spend some quality time with them therefore strengthening team bonding.


Overall, what did you find difficult?

Nothing major, doing the picture possibly?

Working with models/ toys sometimes felt awkward

I’m not a very spontaneous person, and don’t really like to lose control.  Although, I would like to.

Nothing was difficult

Being spontaneous at first, but as I relaxed I was able to be myself

Felt a bit tired, so difficult to give my best, however gave my best with what I had.

Sharing creativity with others – confidence

Being the speaker in the sand and tray work. Generally I’m not creative and am very much a thinker but it was good to get out of my comfort zone.

I am naturally more articulate and strong on narrative so using images objects and creative processing wasn’t my natural inclination, but it was more useful and powerful than I had previously given credit to.


How could you improve this training?

I can see why it is usually a 2 day course, as I would like to have spent more time on each way of working

More than 1 day for more activities and more reflection

Good taster would have liked a two day course

Could have taken it a bit more slowly, would have liked a couple more hours to go through some of the details more thoroughly. Handouts would have been helpful.

Maybe more discussion on the theory behind why/how projective play is therapeutic. But time is limited.

It was a great introduction and it would be good to explore it all in more depth if we’d had more time.

There was a lot to cover in a small amount of time and working creatively takes time so it could have been difficult to reconcile, but Lesley managed this well whilst keeping a relaxed pace.


Is there any further training you require?

More information and strategies of working with creativity

More on using play

I would love to learn more about all of these methods of working creatively.  You have really sparked an interest for me.

I would like to develop working creatively

Would like another day on this I believe this was only a taster and would not feel confident to use this in my practice.

I’m sure there is!

I’m learning all the time.

I feel I need to practice the techniques learned and take a risk and try them out with clients where appropriate.

This taster session was enough for me for the time being but if I want to develop more in this area then absolutely I would benefit from further training


Is there anything you would like to say to the trainers?

Thank you, I have enjoyed the day, it has given me a lot of food for thought.

Thank you, enjoyable training

Your fun and open personality helped me to open up, despite the fact that I am a very new member of the team here.

Excellent presentation, with a nice relaxed and easy style.

Thank you! I always learn so much and it also helps me realise why I love being a counsellor

Thank you for your lovely personable way of being, very clear, information

Maybe 1 ½ days for this another time?

Very good quality day course, and appreciated hearing from your own experiences too.

Thanks for helping me to see the difference that creative techniques can bring to therapy and how powerful it can be.

A big thank you


Are there any further comments you would like to add?

It was good to use visual based approaches which may add different perspectives to my work

I would like to be invited for further training

I have met some lovely people today and the atmosphere helped my learning experience, Thank you.

The day was only a taster,  I  would like to train in this further to use in my practice, I  really enjoyed the day.

Creativity takes time.

Like your approach to communicating ideas – authenticity.

It showed me/reminded me not to fear exposing my vulnerability to clients – showing I make mistakes/don’t know all the answers/am still learning all the time – just like them.






Feedback from Attachment Training

 February 2016 


Overall what did you appreciate?

Connecting to one another; exploring attachment to puppets and to our caregivers, whilst learning about theory and approaches was a stimulating mixture.


The chance to revisit the ideas of attachment and put myself in the client’s relational position.


Pace and delivery, level pitched well, Good refresher, plus new stuff.


Reminder of key attachment perspectives, *I appreciate the time to ‘attach’ to my colleagues and get to know them better.


The balance of activities Learning from Lesley’s experience


Further understanding of attachment theories, being my client – felt I have gained a better understanding of the client.


Kept well to schedule – approach was warm and inclusive


A good amount of information provided in a thoughtful, informal way.


The relaxed learning environment.


Is the anything you would like to say to the trainer?


Thank you.  This has been very helpful, holding and friendly I feel more able to use something that I was already very interested in.


Thank you for sharing knowledge, also for sharing knowledge over break/answering questions Thank you


Thank you. I enjoyed it.


I really enjoyed hearing your ideas and personal approach


Thank you it was fun.


You did a great job and I enjoyed it.  I was moved by your insight and experience.

Enjoyed the day.


Are there any further comments you would like to add?

This session was useful in terms of applying the academic perspective of attachment to the real work with clients.


I appreciated your approach to delivery.


It has been a very enjoyable interesting course a lot of ‘food for thought’.


Understanding Containment & Emotional Regulation.

Training day for Hendon Brook School Staff

Shekinah Centre - 2nd November 2015

Overall what did you find Useful?

How relevant it was to our children

Being able to relate it to work and myself, it was also a lovely setting

Reflect upon self

Made me think how I react to situations

The discussions

It was all useful

The evaluation of myself

Suggestions re: how to ‘step back’ and reflect on one’s own feelings.

Time to reflect and see colleagues away from the work place setting

Self-awareness, better understanding of ‘Containment’

All of it

Self-awareness and realising that the children feel just like me

The window of tolerance

Meeting out of school

Mask activity, seeing what others think of me, I liked the practical tasks

Picture/Mask was insightful.


Thanks for a lovely day

Excellent presentation, friendly, approachable manner

Easy to listen to

Thank you

Thank you

Very friendly and understanding

Thank you, fantastic venue

Thank you for allowing me time to think about me

Thank you, really interesting

A massive thank you from the bottom of my heart

Could we learn at a quicker pace please?

Thank you

Thanks for a fun and informative day

I found the training helpful and it gave me some good ideas


Other comments?


Very interesting course

This inset training has really helped me to begin to be more aware of my impact in the classroom. Looking forward to going into class to see if it has helped a lot.

Great time for self-reflection/reflecting on own practice/containment.

Delivered beautifully and hit a lot of points in me. Made me realise a lot.

Enjoyed it today.  It flew by, so must have been a good day!

Lots to think about.


Understanding Containment & Emotional Regulation


Training day for Bradley Primary School Staff

 Shekinah Centre -  September 2015


Overall what did you find useful:

Working through situations and seeing how you would react in that situation.

I found the whole course useful and found I could relate to the topics covered

The training was very thorough and interesting and made me understand myself and others more.

All of it, learning about containment was really useful, spotting the signs and using that knowledge to help. The mask activity was really interesting and I will definitely use this with children in school.

Containment – to recognise how one feeling can mask another

Everything was useful, some for school, some for life at home.

Understanding containment, interesting to learn about initial and secondary feelings and understanding the emotion displayed is not always the one being felt.  Also the window of tolerance – knowing I have one!


What did you find least useful?

The Mask exercise

How could you improve this training?

More of it

I don’t think you could improve this training

The training was spot on, and for me doesn’t need any improvements

General time to talk/chat as a group

No improvements needed


Is there any further training you require?

Continual top ups in all areas

Any Training would be appreciated

Open to any training with Lesley and the Accord team

More of the same, we all need this time together

All training offered by Accord is useful to gain further understanding and knowledge to help my work in school


Further comments

Lovely people running the course

Beautiful setting, and good food.

Thank you for a wonderful training day

Interesting and useful, relating deeply

I think this training day has been very useful, and it made me feel that I can go back to school with new or different viewpoints and new activities to try with the children.

The presenters are always warm and welcoming enabling me to get the most out of every course I've done with them.

The setting at Shekinah was perfect for this training session, the peace and tranquillity of the surroundings were restful and relaxing, I found I was easily able to concentrate.



Attachment Workshop - 1 Day Feb 2015



I found the training really beneficial and I gained more insight into myself completing the attachment exercise related to me as a child.  It was also helpful getting to know other trainee counsellors and listening and learing from Lesley. Thank you 


It was a useful insight into attachment 'in practice'. Thank you and well done


Glad to have focussed primarily on groupwork (practical) and have theory to take away.  Thank you.  Great to see your passion in the area.


I experienced my clients dilema in great depth and was able to understand my process better, I found the whole day useful.  Today has been absolutely brilliant


I like the way it was ran, I like your relational stance and presenting style


Learning more about the impact of attachment has filled a gap in my understanding of how clients are in relationship with me.  Do you have a mailing list? Add my email to it ........ Thanks for a useful day


Informative, I enjoyed the triad work - being a client 


All of it was useful, course tutor enables people to feel comfortable


Find the impact on me personally rather that just in a professional capacity.  It was fab - thank you


Useful embodying the client


The whole course [was useful], especially being asked to work with people that we don't know and have no attachment with.  can't think of anything to improve the course.


Thoroughly enjoyed the day


Great day and very insightful



Using Creativity in the Counselling Room

I found everything useful and feel that it will inform my practise.  I especially found the movement activity very powerful in terms of getting in touch with myself.  I also thought the activity with sand trays would be useful.  I found the facilitator to be excellent and felt really engaged in the days, I learned a lot.


The list exercise and sand pit exercise most useful, this put me in touch with my inner child.  The exercises made me realise/helped me accept that the inner child is ok. Suggestion: Make it longer I could do 2 week-ends.  Thank you so much I have got so much out of this week-end.  I am leaving at peace with myself


I found all of it useful.  Some I will use more than others maybe, depending upon whom I am working with. Thank you it was very enjoyable and informative 


All the activities were very useful, I hope you will do further workshops, you are and have been an inspiration.


The permission to do what I wanted and use my creativity without the belief I was doing 'it' wrong. Inspirational, easy to make contact with, accepting of everything.  A truly fantastic opportunity and one that I feel will be easily included within my clinical work


Useful: Trying out many different tools and techniques with practical application - you can then choose what you will use in your own practice. Very engaging enthusiastic, knowledgable and open. Thank you


I felt the freedom to just 'be' and notice whatever came up for me during the activities.  I also felt supported and that whatever I experienced was "ok".

I gained a lot from the workshop, more in touch with my real self, my feelings and my inner child.


Useful: Sand tray work and also using different objects to find meaning and a way of expressing feelings, this course has opened up possibilities for more learning.  I need time to think about exactly how this could be fulfilled.


Useful: Overall, realising the value of using objects, images etc to facilitate further thinking around feelings.  Really useful 2 days, thank you so much.


Thank you so much for your energy, permission and looking after us, honestly and with integrity.


Useful: The way the week-end shaped itself through the activities.  Would love to do more both for myself and to explore more how to use with clients.  Best training I've been on - huge thanks a fabulous experience!


Working Therapeutically With Children


  • The training has given me a greater insight into the world of play and how it can be incorporated into my work.  Thank you for this unique look into the world of play and how to let the inner child out.  I felt the strong boundaries set at the beginning enabled me to feel safe to just enjoy.


  • Thank you for this experience! Journey, adventure of Learning.


  • This Training has given me an invaluable basic knowledge and insight into working with children.  All the course was excellent.,but more time would be beneficial. More Please!


  •  An excellent course and I would be keen to learn about future training events


  • Given me greater insight, tools and techniques for working with children - not necessarily in counselling setting.  Found the personal examples really helpful and experiential nature of the workshops makes the stuff stick


  • Expanded on my experiential work and how to interact with children.  I realise how the simplest thinkgs can have the greatest effect.


  • Massive learning.  I think it was well done, we did not waste time or get involved in some unproductive talking.  I've enjoyed it!


  • Good to use tools and experience play, will give confidence using (particularly pictures) with my adult clients.  Very welcoming and interesting. Good course.

Working Creatively with Children & Families


"Facilitator continuously checked out what was working and what wasn't; also what we wanted, so we could own our own responsibility for learning.  Thank you it has been great, much appreciated!!"
"I feel in the 2 days you could not have put any more effort or work in. Thank you for giving me this experience and learning process."
"Felt had time to share and ask, enjoyed all aspects, increased my learning and gained new ideas to enhance my practice"
"A lot packed into 2 days.  Really useful"
"Lesley was professional and very organised but fantastic at promoting our own learning abilities.  Thank you!!! It's been a really rewarding experience"
"I feel that the course was facilitated well and we covered a lot - I felt the facilitation was very good/relaxed/informal - non intrusive.  A great two days"

Group Work - Exploring Effective Facilitation - 4 Days

"Learning to recognise and acknowledge my own feelings/instincts - and trust them."


"Learning to tune in more to how others in the group are responding to me and each other"


"To be fully aware of the dynamics that play out thoughout the day and to hold the group appropriate. Great week-end, Many thanks"


"I've really enjoyed the group and looking forward to July"


"The experiential nature of the groupwork training and animal game. It was all useful for me, even the uncomfortable stuff."





Attachment Training - 1 Day


"The role-play was most challenging but the most useful! Really enjoyed Lesley's style, I feel very comfortable and engaged in the training environment she creates.  Thank you I'll be looking out for more or your training courses. I like your style."


"I found it valuable to refresh and update on attachment theories - working in groups especially client counsellor roles.  I look forward to reflecting on the sessions and reading up on Attachment to support me in my client work. Thank you"


"Seeing how my own attachment history and experience impacts upon my client work.  I think you managed a potentially difficult balance of therapist and non-therapists to provide an accessible and informative day, accounting for everyone's needs. Many thanks"


 "Exploring Endings; Concept of 'Attachment Style'; Being in a group situation to observe other situations and have other members of the group observe and comment on mine"


"As usual I have learnt so much from Lesley because she keeps the sessions lively and interactive.  I really enjoyed the day and would like to do more workshops if I had the chance"


"Just a 'whistle stop' tour of a most interesting subject. I learnt a lot about myself/other people/service users"


"Groupwork, Analysing personal experience"


"Having no previous knowledge of the subject this was a thorough yet brief introduction.  The session on the care giver and looking at Behavioural/Physical/Emotional responses was very self revealing. Very informative and given me a lot to think about. Thank you"


"I found attaching the theory to situations really useful as it allowed me to see how it fit.  Thank you very much, I really enjoyed the day and learnt an

awful lot, not only about clients but myself."




Caring for the Carer Workshop - 1 Day




"Thank you I’ve really enjoyed today and feel much more relaxed"

"This day has been really useful for all the team!"

"Thanks for a great day!"

Most useful was:

"learning how to relax and thinking about self-worth and the importance of supporting each other and knowing we are all in this together – feeling the same."

"Boundaries, strengths and weaknesses"

"The mask, it made it easier to express myself"

"Team time – opportunity to share, talk and visit boundaries"

"Bringing the whole team together"

LOSS - Psycho-educational Course - 6 Half Day Sessions

"I have gained much confidence.  I opened a small closet without thinking I need to close the door quickly.  I feel fantastic now!"


"At the beginning I really didn’t want to come but once I knew what to expect it got easier and I began to enjoy coming." 


"I think this group has been very helpful, it’s made me see and feel life as a better place"


"It helped me come to terms with myself and deal with things in my life (easier)!"


"The facilitator is brilliant, learning to put things away, along your journey through life."


"It has helped me think before reacting to things in the wrong way."

Team Building Workshop - 1 Day

I think the session was a lot better than I thought it was going to be and done in a fun way but very useful


Entertaining, enjoyable and well presented!  Came away from the meeting with more confidence about ability to do the job

Found it easy to talk to the facilitators. Came away feeling more positive and upbeat


Defining our personalities was a very useful exercise it explains how different we all are.


I found this session very good and informative and also fun to do in a relaxed atmosphere


The whole day was very good, I thought both ladies were very open and honest and made me feel at ease.  The outlook on the life survey was excellent and I felt the results I had from the survey

were exactly me!

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